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Principal's Corner

School Safety Memo

Dear Parents,

   As many of you know, there have been many rumors circulating throughout the county about possible school shootings.  There was a "Safe-2-Tell" tip that stated there was a rumor of a shooting that was investigated and deemed not substantiated, as I understand it.

I personally want you to know that I hold school safety at the utmost importance and believe your students are safe.  There has been increased law enforcement at all schools today and we kept the students inside for recess as an additional security measure.

These steps are common anytime we believe it is in the best interest of the students and staff.  We also discussed the situation with the students and assured them they are safe.  We did not go into a Lock Down situation, as this did not warrant it (Lock Down is when there is a direct threat in the building and students hide in the classrooms).  We are always on "Lock Out"  due to the buzzer at the main entrance that keeps the front door locked.

Please continue to visit with your student about school safety and feel free to call me at any time if needed.  I can be reached at 970-565-3737, extension 4121.

Thank you,

Jamie Haukeness