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Montezuma School to Farm Project

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Kemper Hidden Garden

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Make your way alongside of Kemper Elementary School. Go all the way to the back where you can enter the school grounds through a gate in the chainlink fence. Continue on and follow the building as it curves in on itself. Nestled against the brick walls you'll find a secret garden really starting to gather some speed. 

Arched walkways (known by those who frequent the space as 'bean tunnels') guide students and visitors between square beds of abundance. A tool shed, pergola shade structure, circle of benches, adobe oven, sink for produce washing, cold frame, and carved wooden sign all stand tall as new features of the space. Students, volunteers and staff were hard at work this summer, and we're beyond impressed with their results. Special thanks to Ansel Baker and Brett LeCompte for their work on the adobe oven, as well as Tyler Willbanks and Tyler Lindell for their work on the shed and pergola, respectively. Additional thanks to the Girl Scouts for designing the garden's new sign, and to Dave Sipe for carving it with such finesse.